Taking part in an art workshop : watercolour painting

For my silver art award I attended a three week watercolour course 

Taking part in an art workshop : watercolour painting

What was the title of the activity? 

Beginners watercolour painting.

What art form did you try? 

Watercolour painting.

Why did you take this workshop?

So that I could learn to properly paint with watercolours and so that I could  develop my skills in this art form. 

Who taught the event, and what did you learn about this teacher?

 An artist called Leila ward taught the course.I learnt that Leila ward has been painting with watercolours for a long time and that she also teaches drawing and acrylic painting.

Did you create any artwork? Describe it and the processes you undertook when you created it: 


The first thing I did was to use masking tape to tape all the sides of the paper down to a board so the paper doesn't buckle when you paint on it. Then I sketched the butterfly using a photo for reference. When I had finished doing this we added masking fluid to the areas that we wanted to keep white. While I was waiting for the masking fluid to dry we got our paint ready by mixing it with water and other colours. Once the masking fluid was dry I added a colour wash to the wings and dropped in other colours while the wash was still wet so that they spread out and into each other and then I let it dry .I then painted the butterfly’s body and once  the wings were dry we painted the veins on wings. Next I painted the flower behind the butterfly and the flower stem.After the flower had dried, for the background  we did a wet on wet wash. After the painting had dried we removed the masking fluid.

List some new skills or ideas you learned:

I learnt about the different washes 

flat wash, gradated wash and variegated wash

The wet on wet technique  

How to use masking fluid

Colour blending 

How to lift colour

I also learnt that sometimes with watercolours you have to step back and let the paint move and flow.

Some Ideas that I learnt was to use salt 

To add in drops of colour and let them mix

Did you enjoy the activity? Why? 

 I really enjoyed the watercolour course as I love learning new art skills.

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