Descendants Movie Review

A review of the Descendants movie

Review of The Descendants

The Descendants is a movie about four teenagers from the Isle of the Lost. The Isle of the Lost is an island for villains and their children. It has a barrier around it so the villains can’t get out. They also don’t have wifi, access to the outside world or magic. Mal, Evie, Carlos and Jay are invited to Auradon by Ben (son of Belle and the Beast, and soon to be King). Throughout the movie you see the characters develop. The villain kids (children of original villains such as Maleficent, the Evil Queen, Cruella and Jafar) begin the movie by plotting to steal Fairy Godmother’s magic wand but by the end of the movie they decide that they are not going to follow in their parents footsteps and decide to be good. 

The movie was fun to watch and used bright colours to keep watchers engaged. The costumes were really well-developed, and so were the characters. Through watching this film, I learnt about costumes and how they can represent a character. For example, Mal always wears outfits in specific colours (green, purple and black). I think this represents where she comes from and her personality. It also has more of a direct link to Maleficent, her mother who wears purple and black, and the colour of their magic (green). It was interesting to watch the four villain kids progress throughout the movie and see them each find something that they truly love that is independent of their parents. Mal loves Ben, Evie loves designing clothes and finds out she is super clever, Carlos loves Dude the dog, and Jay loves tourniquet (a sports game). The songs are really catchy and the dancing shows how talented the actors are. We love singing the songs together as a family! The movie was choreographed by Kenny Ortega – he previously worked on movies such as High School Music and Dirty Dancing.

I would definitely recommend this movie (although watch out for the plastic crown and poor quality wigs!).


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