Review: Swansea Bay Museum

This post will be my review and personal experience of Swansea Bay Museum based on my first visit. 

Review: Swansea Bay Museum

As part of CADW Unloved heritage project, a trip was arranged to Swansea Bay Museum.  As an audience member I went to the 1940's Swansea Bay museum and observed, listened and asks questions during the walk through. My first impression from standing outside: the building all the memorabilia is housed in looked quite run down but very much inviting.The main thing that stood out too me was the owner was very welcoming, knowledgeable and enthusiastic.

The way the museum was set out as a walk through town during 1940's was effective.  This made me feel like I had time traveled and gave me a better understanding of the conditions in each particular setting.  The museum had all the original shop displays,local pub and included a section which was made too look like bomb damage had occurred.  Before attending I never realised the extent of damage the blitz had on Swansea this was very well presented by the use of pictures to show the damage using past and present photos, it also made it easier too locate and recognize buildings in the area which were damaged or no longer existed and I could now see what currently stood in place. The Anderson shelter that was on display showed the living conditions inside the bomb shelter and how they accommodated 6 people within. It made you feel closed in, it was cramped, uncomfortable, dimly lit and probably would have been very smelly due to lack of running water and WC.

Personally I think a which to build upon the rooms already there and to immerse visitors more would to have access to the communications room and be able to have a better look at the equipment,  It could also be used as an activity for younger group.  Furthermore, a visual  comparison of the rations that people during the war received would help show how little they had compared too present, displaying this in the grocery shop would give a younger audience a sense of what it would of been like.

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ewan griffiths

ewan griffiths

I'm Ewan, I live in a semi rural community which is surrounded in history and when given the opportunity to explore my local heritage with CADW and partake in the Unloved Heritage project I was skeptical but 7 months on I am really enjoying it.

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  • Sienna James

    On 26 November 2019, 09:38 Sienna James Voice Team commented:

    Wonderful to hear about a heritage experience. Did anything particularly surprise you about this visit?

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