Photography Phobic

My personal journey of first time using an SLR camera and learning about the different settings, angles used too achieve the desired photos.

I was introduced to a photographer who showed me how to use an SLR camera, I went into Pembroke Dock heritage centre, an independent museum, then took photos of the artifacts that were on display. I was shown more features of the camera which helped me capture the picture I wanted.

The Heritage Centre is home to the famous Sunderland Planes and various other items of local history.  Some of the artifacts housed within I found interesting to photograph especially the model planes. I wanted to capture an image of the model plane which gave us a sense of it being airborne.  To achieve the impression of the model plane flying I had a play around with the camera settings. For example; the angle at which I took the picture, Focus point; to have the focus on the actual model plane in the foreground.  Once I captured the desired pictures I uploaded them too Photoshop for editing.

The Basic settings of an SLR

'A' Aperture priority   'S'Shutter Speed#  The slower the shutter speed the more light is exposed in the image and vice versa

ISO settings, High ISO settings such as ISO800 enabled a faster shutter speed,avoiding image blur in low levels of light, Low ISO settings like ISO100 would give an image the highest colour &sharpness get the best picture using ISO as it reduces digital noise (grainy image)

I also learnt how to hold a camera correctly to reduce movement, when its best to use a tripod (indoors and low lighting) and the importance of composition.

I didn't realise how much though process went into the planning of taking a picture and the importance of where in the photo the image should be focused and depth of field.

Enhancing Images

I learnt how to use Brightness and Contrast to lighten and darken the image

Sharpening photos: To obtain a more crisper image

Artistic Effects: Experimented with various styles and effects to change to image from the original picture

Photoshop Editing

I played with the software such as the magic wand tool too remove the stick holding the plane because wanted to create an image that looked like the plane was flying.

On some of the other photos,I used techniques such as sharpness, contrast, creating new layers and making the pictures more appealing.

Using layers enabled me to create various effects on top of the image, these separate layers make it easier to add and remove during editing.

 Prior to this photography session I had no understanding of how to work an SLR camera and use editing software. Since learning the basic techniques I have improved my confidence in using the equipment and expanded my skill set.  I have also acquired a more mindful approach towards taking pictures, viewing in general and have taken any opportunity that has presented itself for me to photograph.

Header Image Credit: Ewan Griffiths

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ewan griffiths

ewan griffiths

I'm Ewan, I live in a semi rural community which is surrounded in history and when given the opportunity to explore my local heritage with CADW and partake in the Unloved Heritage project I was skeptical but 7 months on I am really enjoying it.

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  • Sienna James

    On 19 November 2019, 07:59 Sienna James Voice Team commented:

    It's so great to hear about all those new skills you've learnt. What did you most enjoy about learning to photograph? :)

  • ewan griffiths

    On 23 November 2019, 18:15 ewan griffiths commented:

    I enjoyed learning all the features i really liked learning how too capture the picture in different light

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