Anna and Helen: Stuck In A Rat

The wacky and creative duo parody the character of a haphazard life coach in this hour long comedy.

Anna and Helen: Stuck In A Rat

Anna and Helen: Stuck in a Rat is a comic performance that explores the various ways in which we can get ourselves out of a ‘rat’. The wacky and creative duo parody the character of a haphazard life coach in this hour long comedy. The performance begins with one of many musical interludes before they go head on exploring a literal pie chart of things that can make you happy. 

The duo frequently interact with the video versions of themselves that are repeatedly projected onto the screen that sits in between the keyboard and drum kit. These two alternate versions of themselves are very much part of the show as they act out their research into the various self help methods. We see the pair navigating public transport, attempting to play tennis and running through the Pleasance Courtyard (where the show is being performed) itself. 

Anna and Helen are high energy and endearing throughout and their comic uncoordinated direct address is a notable highlight. Their interaction with the audience calls for expert improvisation consistently throughout the show to the point where they perform a song entirely made up of words the audience suggested. From dating audience members to getting them to join in with their eccentric original songs, they interact with the crowd and work the room expertly. 

Stuck in a Rat has no particularly important message or inspirational ending, the production is simply creative, fun and full of music and is not one to be missed.

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