Izzy Mante: Polite Club

Izzy knows her comedy, how to use resources around her, and gets to deliver in a comfortable space with ample leg room!

Izzy Mante: Polite Club

Not a stranger to the comedy industry, having been a theatre director and TV Sitcom producer for some years, Izzy applies good comedy formula and makes great use of a big screen, some props and lighting to set the scene. Covering the theme of politeness and the many variations that this entails, it’s an intelligent portrayal that does also get you thinking about the way we act as a society.

It’s a good show where the audience are generally smiling, and chuckling frequently at many parts. Izzy seems to enjoy herself on stage and this leads to a confident performance that keeps us lightly entertained throughout. It’s not a wonder why the room is packed.

From tap-dancing to work with masks and some very good lines delivered to a strong theme of the show; there’s plenty of good material. She also makes use of pictures and short videos on the TV screen which add another layer to the show. Unfortunately it just doesn’t all combine to a raucous affair and considering the volume of people in the room you’d anticipate some bigger and louder laughs.

I’m sure it’s one that will develop and refine over it’s run, and if you want a pretty comfortable show post-lunch then it’s one worth trying - especially if you feel you might suffer from a politeness addiction.

Underbelly Bistro Square, 2.50pm: https://tickets.edfringe.com/whats-on/izzy-mant-polite-club

Header Image Credit: Steve Ullathorne


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