Nigel Ng: Culture Shock

He almost had audience members rolling on the floor laughing, with several at least half out of their seats. This is observational humour at its best.

Nigel Ng: Culture Shock

This was a great show from start to finish. It is aptly named and draws many comparisons between Asian and British life. Not afraid to get stuck in with questions to audience members and sharing some real thoughts and experiences, Nigel weaves his way through his material like a master.

He knew his audience (middle class), and called it out mid-show as part of his set and focus. He even got everyone to applaud the venue technician who fixed his mic when he stood on the cable and pulled it apart. Some jokes were a touch risky, and some might find them offensive purely because they’re making fun of racial stereotypes. At times the audience had to give itself permission to laugh, given that the jokes were of a nature that could nowadays end careers. It's a testament to Ng that that he managed to navigate the cultural minefield so well, although the mines weren't always circumvented so much as ploughed through.

The material, in addition to highlighting the difference in culture, included great bits on immigration, British luxuries, Butlins and raising awareness of inequalities in the world. He used the simple tech effectively in his set and you can see it too in Pleasance Courtyard most days from 6.45pm. 

Definitely a good show to kick your evening off.

For tickets and more information, visit the EdFringe website.  

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