International Garden Photographer of the Year Review

I went to the International Garden Photographer of the Year exhibition. I went because I am really interested in photography and this exhibition was local to me. 

International Garden Photographer of the Year Review

I saw the winning photographs of the competition. There were 8 categories of different garden spaces. This included photographs of the winners and the runner-ups.  

  1. Beautiful Gardens 
  2. Beauty of Plants
  3. Wildlife in the Gardens
  4.  Trees,Woods,Forests
  5. Breathing Spaces
  6. Green in the City
  7. The Bountiful Earth
  8. Wild Flower Landscapes

There were many artists and my favourite competition winners were:

Nigel Mccall - from the Beautiful Gardens category, Henrik Spranz -from the Wildlife in the Gardens category, Alexis Javier Acosta Simon -  from the Beauty of Plants category and Tommaso Renz - from the Trees,Woods,Forests category.

Nigel Mccall took a photo of a leaves on a wooden bridge surrounded by autumnal trees.  Henrik Spranz took a photograph of a field mouse with an unfocused background.  Alexis Javier Acosta Simon took a photo of alien like plants.  Tommaso Renz made a winter collage with snow covered trees.

I thought the exhibition was well designed. All the photographs were in frames of varying sizes, which added interest, on plain white walls. This helped the photographs stand out more.  

I was really inspired by the multiple exposure photographs and it makes me want to experiment with my camera. I enjoyed the under 16’s category and am planning to enter next year.

I learned about different compositions when it comes to garden, nature and landscape photography. I enjoy trying to work out how the artists took the photographs. They used quite a lot of editing to achieve their final piece. It made me think about the connection between humans and nature. There is a strong bond between the two and the photographs showed this.

It was my first photography exhibition and i really enjoyed it. I thought the photographs were really interesting and it has inspired me to improve on my photography. I learned about different compositions, editing and how a photo can tell a story about its subject.

I would recommend visiting this exhibition

Header Image Credit: The Willis Museum and Sainsbury Gallery


Noah James

Noah James

Hi I'm Noah James, I'm 13 years and am doing my arts awards. I enjoy photography and filmmaking. I have done my bronze award in photography and currently doing my silver in filmmaking. I also like donuts.

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  • Carol Leach

    On 11 October 2018, 17:59 Carol Leach commented:

    I see that you learnt quite a lot at the exhibition, you must have enjoyed it a lot

  • Joshua Gould

    On 19 October 2018, 15:02 Joshua Gould Contributor commented:

    Lovely review Noah, how do you think the photography you saw here will affect your own work?

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