Ben Nicholson Exhibition at the RWA

An exhibition showcasing Ben Nicholson's work.

Ben Nicholson Exhibition at the RWA

On the 29th of August I visited the Ben Nicholson exhibition at the RWA and it was really amazing. I loved seeing some of Ben's portraits up close and really analysing his critically acclaimed styles and techniques. I saw some of his abstract shape pieces that were just stunning 

What strikes me about Ben's work is the art of simplicity that seems to scream louder than even the brightest colours. The array of shapes and carefully placed mediums really did strike me. It is not your conventional idea of art work but seeing ben's work up close in absolutely amazing. You can really see how Picasso particularly shaped Ben as an artist and that he has really adopted Picasso's iconic style yet added a new element of his own that has created a new depth to Picasso's iconic style. 

I loved seeing his shapes cut from wood and various other mixed mediums. Ben's careful use of colour combined with a precise technique of shapes has a really fantastic end product that I think is absolutely amazing. I loved the Styrofoam shapes that had been mounted onto a canvas to create a 3D portrait. Standing just by themselves they were a truly beautifully spectacle.

I absolutely would advise you to take up the chance to see Ben's works in the flesh, his iconic style really sets your mind open to new ways of working with different mediums and just seeing the works of such a brilliant artist is a privilege in itself!


  • Joshua Gould

    On 10 September 2018, 12:16 Joshua Gould Contributor commented:

    Do you think your own artwork will be influenced by what you've seen here - in the same way that Ben Nicholson was influenced my Picasso?

  • Jasleen Singh

    On 11 September 2018, 17:37 Jasleen Singh commented:

    Thanks for your comment Joshua! Yes definitely, it was really inspirational to see Ben's work in the flesh, so different to a picture. A lot of the style's and techniques Ben was well known for using I have incorporated into my most recent art ventures.

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