Dawn Sidoli at the RWA

A review of Dawn Sidoli's most recent exhibition at the RWA

Dawn Sidoli at the RWA

I really enjoyed seeing Dawn Sidoli's most recent exhibition at the RWA on the 4th of August 2018. the exhibition was insightful within a large variety of mediums as well as painting on display. I loved the exhibition very much and could connect with many of the landscapes as Daw in a Bristol based artist and living in Bristol I could relate to the scenery that she had painted. 

Dawn focuses on landscapes and uses a wide variety of tones to create her desired effect. The sea she had painted in one of her landscapes was particularly striking as the tones all merged together to give a striking depiction of the real beauty of teh sea. She had also displayed a young self portrait where again her key eye for colour has made her finished painting look even more striking. Her sketches are also wonderful as she uses charcoal to create a mixture of smooth and sharp lines to draw still life. She has a very steady hand and each line really adds to the beauty of the sketch.

I also loved her portrait called the Russian Clown which was particularly striking. The mix of blunt lines and vivid colours really made this painting stand out. The position of the mouth and the dull depth of the eyes was really very frightening! I have never seen this kind of depth used in any painting before and I will definitely take it away for when I paint my own pieces, I learnt something new!

Overall the exhibition is wonderful and I would highly recommend viewing it as it has some beautiful pieces of artwork.


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