Togetherness: Exhibition at the RWA

A review of the Togetherness exhibition at the RWA. Some amazing pieces of abstract art....!

Togetherness: Exhibition at the RWA

On the 14th of August 2018 I was fortunate enough to visit the togetherness exhibition at the RWA. It was an exhibition highlighting the importance of artists working together, it contained some amazing and abstract pieces of art...WOW!

The exhibition was a collection of collaborated paintings, models and statues. The painting s all had been done with two artists collaborating together. There was a beautiful one of a field titles 'Forever Corn' It was a luscious oil painting which had immaculate detail in it. It was produced by two countryside painters in the 1800's who wanted to preserve the beauty of their corn fields for generations to come. It had beautiful detailed and utilised some amazingly fine brush strokes that added an extra finesse to the painting. 

I loved the rhino statue that you can see at the picture at the top. It was a massive statue that was embellished with gold and then it's body covered in grey zentangle patterns , they created a beautiful texture of rough skin and the smoothness of the horn. It was a magnificent statue that stood pride of place in the centre of the hall. t was ceramic I believe and made by two sculptors who travelled to the safari together and saw this magnificent creature and got inspired to recreate it using a more abstract means. It was beautiful and certainly an eye catching part of the hall! 

My favourite was a portrait of to dogs that had such outstandingly fine detail I must have spent at least 5 minutes gazing at the picture intently to absorb it all in. The fur of the tow dogs - although I am unsure what breed - was beautifully lifelike and the intricacy of each strand of hair made this the stand out picture for me. I loved it so much! This was a fantastic exhibition and definetly one to look our for if you love your mind being puzzled by lots of abstract art!


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