Matilda Review

I did a review on Matilda the musical based in London at Cambridge Theatre.

Matilda Review

The arts event I am going to be reviewing is Matilda. I went to see this at Cambridge Theatre on the 21st March 2018. Lily Mae Evans played the role of Matilda. Her singing voice fitted well with her personality, it was powerful but dainty. This emphasised the fact that although she was small and just a child, she was fearless and powerful. She would always stand her ground and if something was wrong she had to put it right. Gina Beck who played Miss Honey also shared some similarities with Matilda. Miss Honey was like the older version of Matilda.


David Shannon, who played Miss Trunchbull, was a very strong character and his singing voice went well with his personality. It was very powerful, had a good vibrato and he also had a forceful tone to his voice to express his rage and anger with the rest of the characters. This showed how much of a powerful character he was and that he was quite mean. But he also had a funny side to him that the older audience could relate to.


The children’s voices went really well together to create amazing harmonies especially when they sung When I Grow Up. They had so much enthusiasm and when they sung in unison they were bursting with energy. The ensemble’s choreography was brilliant. When watching the School Song performance, it was very intense because all of the dancing was so in time and you could see all the hard work and effort they had put into it.



Lia Evans

Lia Evans

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  • Luke Taylor

    On 16 May 2018, 10:18 Luke Taylor Contributor commented:

    Great review! Have you thought about other things, such as the acting, or the how the scene was set up (i.e. lighting, set)?

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