In summary; A magical and musical performance.


At first, most reviews on Wicked seem dreadful. Especially the earlier ones, however 8.8 million people have found the heart, nerve and wisdom to pay a visit. This has happened before in Theatre history but I assure you, this play was very good. Born from an 115 year old novel, Wicked has made everyone have a great time and king this play one of the top five highest growing shows of all time.

The Wikipedia plot summary for Wicked is over 2100 words long, which speaks not only to the show’s dedicated fan base, but to the fact that this is a musical with a lot going on. It’s a romantic comedy with a talking goat and flying monkeys, a parable on the pitfalls of getting what you want, a warning on the limits of friendship, and an homage to a classic film. In the musical, that is centered on two women who are unrelated, yet have a complex emotional attachment, while still remaining starkly unique individuals. The show is completely set within the machinations of a huge clock, the Clock of the Time Dragon to be precise. “I would do anything to turn back the clock,” laments Elphaba (the wicked witch), and later she demands, "Wait just a clock tick!" Once a spell is cast, it cannot be undone. Life moves forward, and Wicked reveals itself to be, more than anything else, a cautionary tale about learning to live with one’s choices.

A moving play and one to definitely visit. It was like an official prequel to the original Wizard of Oz. The music and extra scenery was great. It had main characters (such as Oz, The Wicked Witch, The Good Witch). It was not scary and had lots of mild scenes which made it suitable for all audiences. There was lots of props that were similar to the original film. We had good seats and that was amazing as well because we got a great view as we were not too far away but not too close.


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Luke Wilder

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  • Luke Taylor

    On 6 February 2018, 09:57 Luke Taylor Contributor commented:

    'Wicked' is an amazing musical! I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

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