​Peter & Bambi Heaven: When Love Becomes Magic

A lack of magic, but I loved it anyway

​Peter & Bambi Heaven: When Love Becomes Magic

In the same way there is a stereotypical British sense of humour, there is an Australian counterpart. Very loud, abrasive and particularly crude. It is, perhaps, a less self-deprecating and more adolescent in nature, with more dicks and nudity, implied or otherwise.

With that context provided, you should be able to understand what i mean when I say Peter & Bambi Heaven are two dancing magicians with an very Australian sense of humour.

The magic and the dancing, by itself, is nothing to write home about.The contact juggling was impressive, although brief, and the diablo 'for ladies' (and men) was exceptional to watch. Yet, while energetic and invigorating, the magic is very run of the mill, and the dancing was every so slightly out of time.

But, and this is an important but, to a large extent this doesn't matter. The entertainment comes from the larger-than-life show wranglers, and the magic is simply the patter that takes us from one moment to the next - completely flipping the traditional magic show on its head. Their interactions with one another, and indeed with the audience are hilarious, and the energy is contagious as the spectators get completely caught-up in the moment, hanging on the duo's every action.

You are only going to enjoy this show if you have a very particular sense of humour. If nudity, sex jokes, something that looked rather convincingly like body fluid, and strong swearing are things that that offend you, I would dissuade you from going.

If however, the above sounds thrilling, and you also have a thing for spandex, sequins, glamour, and low-budget magic, get your tickets now!

For tickets and more information visit the Ed Fringe website.


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