Norris and Parker: See you at the Gallows

Simply amazing.

Norris and Parker: See you at the Gallows

Having spent most of the day walking around Edinburgh, my legs were killing me. By the time I left Norris and Parker my sides were also destroyed.

I quite enjoy going into shows completely unaware of what to expect, so when the duo come out, donning purple wigs and Lycra proclaiming to be 'Feminazis', I was more than a little bit… dubious. But before the end of the skit they had completely won me over and there wasn't a single point from then on where I wasn't on tenterhooks to see where the next line was going to take us. Invariably it was something hilarious. This was sketch comedy at its finest.

The live music accompaniment from the bizarre and somewhat socially awkward Victorian pianist was great, and the audience participation (yes there is audience participation, and sitting further back won't save you) was perhaps some of the best engagement I've seen in sketch. It was so awkwardly brilliant, and the mood was such that everyone was completely at ease with letting go!

There were one or two moments where they nearly stretched a joke out beyond breaking point, but they seemed to know exactly when to reign it in, showing fantastic comedic control and a natural au fait with humour. The duo has incredible stage presence, and incredible chemistry – masked by mock (hopefully) aggression.

I absolutely loved it. I hurt so bad when I came out, and as so often in life, that's the sign of a good time!

Why are you still reading this review when you should be booking your tickets!

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Norris & Parker are performing at the Pleasance Courtyard. Tickets and more information can be found on the EdFringe website.


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