Street Stories

The most honest and heartbreaking experience I had down in Brighton…

Street Stories

Street Stories is a project by Little Green Pig, an organisation that helps children and young people to pick up the pen and get writing. This time around, the writing was centred on the homeless people of Brighton, and the stories I heard whilst walking around the corners of the city made me feel very grateful for what I have: a full-time job, a home, food, water, and a warm place to sleep. These people had nothing, and for many others around the world, they still have nothing.

What impressed me the most was the quality of the stories that the children had written - they were strong, and they certainly made an impact on my view on my own status. They are very talented individuals, and took an innovative approach to their pieces.

Although there were points where it was a bit difficult to focus on the stories whilst trying not to walk into other people on the street, it really helped to peek behind the curtain of sunny Brighton and reveal the people who were the most vulnerable. Good job, guys!


14-15 May 11:00 14-15 May 14:00 14-15 May 12:30 £5(£2) [30m]


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