The Courteeners Concert.

A review of when I went see Courteeners live at the O2 Apollo.

The Courteeners Concert.

On Wednesday 9th of December I went to see 'The Courteeners' at the Manchester Apollo. The doors opened at 7 o'clock and there were two support acts: Declan McKenna and Man Made. The Courteeners are a Manchester band so the atmosphere at their concert in Manchester (as you can imagine ) was pretty electric.

I went with my friend and being one of the first people waiting outside for the gig we were at the front. The audience was sparse to start with but by the time the second support act was finished the crowd was full and ready for the Courteeners to start. The stage was dark and all you could see was stage people scurrying around getting the instruments ready for the band. The crowd kept themselves excited with chants ' MANCHESTER LA LA LA Manchester LA LA LA' and I have to say they were stuck in my head for the whole week following the concert. The stage was ready and a song was playing, not a Courteeners song but an Oasis one. Of course no Manchester crowd would pass up the chance to sing an Oasis tune at the top of their voices so that's what we all did. As we sung Morning Glory( the Oasis song) the curtains came up showing the bands instruments and a big glittering Courteeners sign. The song ended and the band came on, all of them walking to their instruments aside from the frontman Liam Fray who stood on a stool-like thing tipped his head back and threw his arms open wide to take in the crowd chanting 'liam… liam'.

They then started playing 'Are you in love with a notion', one of their most well-known songs with the crowd singing along. I remember how the lights would change, different directions and colours with each song. I think that how the lights changed added to the already electric atmosphere.

After a few songs the band walked off other than Liam (the frontman) who then played an acoustic set. For this there was just one spotlight on him singing with an acoustic guitar. After this the rest of the band came back on to play more of their hits , the crowd still going strong filled with excitement.

Overall, I think it was an amazing concert. The lights, the crowd, the band and the music all came together to make it an experience I would never forget. I would definitely jump at the chance to do it all over again and would certainly recommend it to any friend.

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  • Bhavesh Jadva

    On 24 April 2016, 15:33 Bhavesh Jadva Voice Team commented:

    You're right - it's something special when you're lucky enough to see a band perform in their home stadium. What were the support acts like?

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