A Pocketful of Grimms

Rumplestiltskin, Hansel and Gretle, The Original Beauty and the Beast, The Bird, the mouse, and the sausage. Four tales, all oddly to do with food.

A Pocketful of Grimms

This is an absolutely charming piece, and is perfect for children due to it's simplistic yet engaging language, the recognisable stories, and the brilliant performers. This group is faultless, their chemistry is perfect, both within the overarching plot, and in the individual stories. The performers are able to create multiple, diverse characters, whilst still maintaining the wide-eyed innocence of a perceived youth, that the target audience will find easy to connect and engage with. It really is quite astonishing how well these actors portray the energy of youth, with excitement and inquisitiveness.

The set was very clever, consisting of two hinged pieces of scenery, that formed a large tree stump. When these were separated, and stretched out, they revealed some fencing through which the actors could be seen, resulting in a whimsical atmosphere, resulting in complete immersion in the story. Along with the scenery, there were lots of props, most notably of which were the puppets, which were absolutely enchanting, engaging, and quirky. The movement was brilliantly achieved, through the teamwork of the players – keep an eye out for the Rumplestiltskin.

The stories may not be instantly recognisable, especially if you're a fan of disney you won't recognise the Beauty and The Beast's original version, but you will know which one it is. Everyone of the story tellers had their chance to tell a different story, which teaches a great lesson to the attendees – that everyone must take their turn.

This is a truly wonderful show, if you have children I would heartily recommend that you take them to see this, if you're looking for high-brow theatre, then you're probably looking for it at the wrong time of day. Try the same time in the evening.

A Pocket full of Grimms is performing at the Gilded Balloon until the 31st August. Tickets and more information are available from the Fringe website.


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