Willy's B@!"$hes @ Edfringe

Individually wonderful performers presenting an interesting take on Shakespearean language and contemporary theatre, delivered in close quarters.

Willy's B@!"$hes @ Edfringe

In a lovely venue that provides an excellent opportunity for 'close-up-theatre' the cast perform alongside a live band who are positioned along the back walls of a corner stage. The set-up and atmosphere is amazing, and so when you go see this - get there early and snap up a front row or cabaret table.

The performers all presented short pieces of solo or paired work. Theatre & Song at it's best in a seamless delivery that is like no showcase you've ever been to.

There was a story it seems. Although I must admit I found it hard to completely follow the threads; and I'm pretty used to complex theatre. The story revolved around the female characters fighting over a man, exploring also how they may have been scorned. But I think the point of the show was more in the collection of characters than in how they formed together by the end.

So if you want an hour of something entertaining, clearly talent full, and not really something you must put your mind to following, then this would be a go to show, a good mid-afternoon slot, possibly after a bite for lunch whilst you have the usual lull.

Willy's B***hes is on even numbered days until 30th August (not 24th) at Assembly Checkpoint - 3.10pm.

Suitability: 16+

Tickets and more information available here

Image taken from: rcsatthefringe.com


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