Last Violent Call by Chloe Gong

Last Violent Call  is an exhilarating new release featuring two captivating novellas that continue the thrilling journey of the beloved characters from the critically acclaimed These Violent Delights duology.

Last Violent Call by Chloe Gong

At  just twenty-four years old, Chloe Gong shines as a rising luminary in young adult fantasy. With her awe-inspiring works, These Violent Delights, Our Violent Ends, and Foul Lady Fortune, she reigns supreme as a Number One New York Times bestselling author. In Last Violent Call, Gong heeds the pleas of her ardent fans, granting their desires for a light-hearted romantic story. Here, she weaves together two captivating novellas that delve into the lives of the duology's most adored couples: Roma and Julliette, as well as Benedikt and Marshall. 

In A Foul Thing, Roma and Juliette have cemented their positions as leaders of an underground weapons empire in Zhouzhuang, skillfully navigating the shadows to sustain their livelihood. However, when disconcerting reports of young Russian women found dead in neighbouring towns reach their ears, their curiosity is piqued, prompting them to embark on an investigation. Meanwhile, in This Foul Murder, Benedikt and Marshall, summoned by Roma, find themselves on a high-stakes mission to track down the elusive scientist, Lourens, and deliver him to Zhouzhuang. The relentless ticking of time haunts them as they board the Trans-Siberian Express, which becomes the stage for their urgent pursuit. When a chilling murder befalls the train, Benedikt and Marshall seize the opportunity to convince the officer in charge of their prowess as investigators. 

From the very first line, Gong sweeps you away with an exquisite infusion of heartwarming tenderness. It was wonderful to see the sweet interactions between Roma and Juliette and to witness the realisation that everything they had sacrificed for was indeed worthwhile. To see them revel in their love and embrace the life they fought for was fantastic. Similarly, it was great to see Marshall and Benedikt’s relationship here and their continued adorableness. Marshall, true to form, dazzled with his trademark charm and quick wit, serving as a delightful contrast to Benedikt's outwardly stoic facade. Together, they magnified the best qualities in one another.

Moreover, the intricately woven plot and masterfully crafted storyline of this novella was captivating. The seamless connection Gong established between the events of These Violent Delights/ Our Violent Ends and Foul Lady Fortune was nothing short of genius. Gong artfully disclosed the details of Roma and Juliette's miraculous survival, while subtly alluding to the tantalising prospects that lie ahead in Foul Heart Huntsman. 

In essence, Chloe Gong has masterfully breathed life into her most cherished characters in Last Violent Call, seamlessly integrating both novellas with the larger narrative tapestry of her fictional universe. As usual, Gong's meticulous planning and attention to detail shine through here. 


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