Faebound by Saara El-Arifi

In Faebound, the first book of a new trilogy, two elven sisters become ensnared in the hidden realm of the fae, navigating a landscape fraught with danger and love.

Faebound by Saara El-Arifi

A millennium ago, there were three entities—fae, elves, and humans—yet today, only the elves live, ensnared in an unending conflict over land and resources. Yeeran, a colonel in the elven army, has faced a life defined by violence and hardship, while her sister Lettle, a diviner, uses her magic to predict prophecies and fates. Following a fatal error resulting in Yeeran's banishment from the Elven Lands, both sisters are captured by the fae. As captives in a foreign land, they must navigate the intricacies of the fae court while plotting their escape. Now, Yeeran and Lettle grapple with their hearts, torn between their allegiance to their elven homeland and the allure of the enchanting fae realm. 

Saara El-Arifi demonstrates a remarkable talent for world-building in Faebound, introducing readers to an intricately crafted universe that stands out in the landscape of fantasy fiction. Similar to her other works, El-Arifi ventures into unexplored territories of magic systems, bringing forth novel concepts not commonly found in the fantasy genre. Notably, she delves into the captivating bond between the obeah—a mythical creature fusing leopard and stag—and the fae, unravelling the shared magic between them. This distinctive connection proves vital in sustaining the underground fae land, adding depth to the narrative. The story further delves into the nuances of the contrasts between elves and fae, shedding light on their distinct approaches to life. The exploration of Fae and Elves as rivals introduces a fresh and unparalleled dynamic, setting Faebound apart in its ability to keep readers consistently intrigued. El-Arifi's imaginative storytelling and the unprecedented elements introduced in this fantasy world contribute to the allure of the narrative, making it a captivating and unique reading experience in the fantasy genre.

Furthermore, much like her previous book series, El-Arifi adeptly integrates the fantasy element to explore the fluidity of gender and sexuality into the fabric of Faebound. El-Arifi's commitment to portraying a spectrum of identities is commendable. She sets a new standard for authors to make their books more inclusive and reflective of society. In addition, El-Arifi’s decision to depict characters in their thirties not only offers a refreshing departure from the conventional, but it also introduces a mature perspective to the narrative.

All in all, Faebound promises readers an enchanting journey into a realm where magic, mystery and great representation blend together to form an incredible fantasy novel. 


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