No Time To Die Review

review of the movie "No Time To Die" for Arts Award part B

No Time To Die Review

The movie "No Time to Die" was released in 2021 and is the 25th film in the James Bond collection.   It is also Daniel Craig's last movie as the British spy. I enjoyed the movie because of the likeable characters and the unpredictable ending that I never imagined, which was a great and clever finish to Daniel Craig’s time as Bond, leaving the door wide open for Bond’s next adventure 

The story follows Bond as he is pulled out of retirement to rescue a kidnapped scientist. During the movie, he confronts a dangerous villain named Safin, who poses a global threat with a stolen scientific discovery. Bond's mission takes him through awesome action scenes and introduces new members to the cast. 

In his last Bond movie, Daniel Craig plays the part fantastically, displaying the more emotional side of Bond as well as the side seen in the past. As well as Daniel Craig’s great performance as Bond, one of the standout aspects of "No Time to Die" is its cast. 

 Léa Seydoux returns to play  Dr. Madeleine Swann.  Ana de Armas also does a great job in her role as Paloma, another agent who encounters Bond in the movie. Rami Malek brings a chilling and menacing character as the antagonist Lyusifer Safin, a fearsome opponent for Bond . 

I enjoyed the change in pace during the film in the as it was a good mix between fast paced chases and slower times when Bond was reflecting back on himself. This helped keep the audience on their toes and prevented boredom setting in, as it is a very long movie (over 2 hours long).  

 From the intense car chases to fiery gunfights, each scene is well filmed, creating an awesome experience for whoever is watching it. The film also displays stunning cinematography mixed with intense music, capturing picturesque locations with amazing shots that make the movie’s graphics standout. 

Even though the movie is very long, No Time to Die is still one of my favourites, if not my favourite movie. 

My favourite scene when either when Bond was being chased by Land Rovers, motorbikes and helicopters through the forests of France or when he was being chased on a motorbike in Italy because the pictures were incredible and in time with the beats of the music. 

I would definitely recommend No Time to Die to anyone who enjoys action movies, or someone who has enjoyed a past Bond movie. 

Overall, "No Time to Die" is a great finale for Craig, displaying impressive performances, thrilling action, and a fitting conclusion to Daniel Craig's reign as the legendary spy. 


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