Cinderella as a ballet, yes or no?

Cinderella is showing at the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden as a ballet choreographed by Frederick Ashton and music by Sergey Prokofiev. It takes you to another magical world full of emotions, heartthrob and magic.

Yes, Cinderella can be a ballet!

This was a wonderful performance of Cinderella, it truly captured the whole story and left you in awe at the brilliance of the execution and level of technical difficulty the dancers were trying to achieve. You could describe it as a cake, the sprinkles and glitter shines on top like the costumes and lighting shone in the performance. The icing spreads and carries the cake to add a layer like the music did for this performance, the music gave the ballet character and emphasis on the emotional side. However, when you cut the cake, that's when you see the texture, the style of the performance, the cruel step-sisters, the daintiness of Cinderella and the grace of the fairy godmother. When you see them on their points, controlled and graceful it truly holds your breath. Five Stars!


Isabella Miles-Kingston

Isabella Miles-Kingston

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