The Clone Roses 25th Anniversary Tour at Burnley Mechanics

Are you a Stones Roses fan? If so, this is the show for you! 

Do you also love The Smiths? You do? Then this is for you to see a Brilliant Tribute! 

This is my Review of The Stone Roses 25th Anniversary tour with special guests The Smiths LTD.

I went to go to see this show at Burnley Mechanics, it was a standing event. The room was spacious but the speakers were a little too loud. I feel that there should of been a little bit more of a clearer path for those trying to leave to get drinks for the whole show as people kept walking past me and obstructing my view of the stage. I didn't have long to wait with my Auntie as we had decided to get there around the time that we knew the band was going to start. This show was on St Patricks day so the atmosphere was already very loud, full of drunk enthusiatics and full of people who had just come from the pubs dressed in their st paddy's day attire which set the event off really well. The security were very good, they checked bags, gave everyone a wrist band and when given a problem they were on to it straight away such as when a member of the public got themselves on stage.

The Smiths LTD kicked things off, the lead singer brought energy to the stage but I would have loved to have seen a bit more personality from the other band members. I enjoyed all the songs and really loved how the singer used props for some of the songs such as confetti, a necklace and for the song "Panic" he had a noose as a prop in relation to the lyrics "hang the DJ".  Overall, this tribute band was fantastic to see!

Then we had an interval for the other band to get on stage, they had occupied us, the crowd with a DJ during this change over, I would have liked the interval too have been shorter as I started to become bored as it took a bit too long to set up The Clone Roses. 

When Clone Roses got on stage I instantly loved how the lead singer interacted with us and made us feel as though this show was definitely for the people. He made sure we were involved by asking us what songs were left for them to perform and even posed for people's pictures and videos at the front. The lead singer even took someone's birthday request/shoutout and made sure he had time to mention it at an appropiate time. He showed a lot of energy and kept it upbeat at all times. I would of loved to have seen a bit of character from the other band members but we did get a good drum solo nearer to the end of the show. 

I extremely enjoyed myself at this event and beforehand I had also seen the Clone Roses at a festival later last year which made me really excited to see them again, it was great to see them more upclose this time and I highly recommend seeing both of the tribute bands mentioned in my review. 

I saw this event on Friday 17th march 2023. Burnley Mechanics always has a great selection of shows for you to go and see! 

The address is Manchester road, Burnley, BB11 1BH.

Header Image Credit: Clone Roses


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  • caroline bray

    On 21 March 2023, 09:07 caroline bray commented:

    Great to see you still reviewing, Holly. I love your straightforward opinions about what worked for you and didn’t: people pushing past to get drinks while bands are playing annoys me too. Sounds like a great night!

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