‘Confetti’ is a queer rom-com about a wedding planner.


Party hats, gift bags, and sweets to snack on are all received by the audience when they enter the show. Once the show starts it feels like we’re all in the front row of a friend, Felix (played by Will Jackson), retelling a drama-filled gay love story. And of course, there’s confetti. 

This is the theatre dream of any fans of cheesy, romance-filled movies. I’ve always wanted to see a rom-com on stage, and this is the ideal embodiment: wedding planner protagonist and ‘mate of honour’ starts falling for a boy at the bride’s hen do. But his new beau is entangled in the wedding too, as the groom’s best man. Surprise birthdays, wedding dress woes, new love and those magical romantic moments where time stands still. 

Sweet and silly, Jackson put his all into his performance, creating a character that the whole audience wants to be friends with. His antics made the whole audience laugh and my personal favourite was a recreation of him and the bride-to-be gossiping at a zumba class. 

I loved how the lighting design was able to capture the snapshots of different locations and how the music was able to make the whole show feel like a party. The props were well utilised and gorgeous: there was even one that made the audience gasp audibly because of how beautiful it looked.  

My only wish was that this show was longer. At some points, I felt that the pace was incredibly fast and I wish the audience had more time to enjoy following Felix on his journey and further space for hilarious voices to come through. 

With a classic setup, and just the right amount of rom-com tropes, ‘Confetti’ is the light, joyful antidote to the heavier stuff on at the Fringe. 

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