Crybabies: Bagbeard

You'll be in tears.

Crybabies: Bagbeard

Crybabies are back with a new sci-fi narrative sketch adventure, and I’ll cut straight to the chase, this is an absolute must watch. 

Even with a costume budget of about £20 (Jesus Christ, that owl?!), Crybabies managed to successfully convey a multitude of characters, all unique and all hilarious. I never thought I would be moved by a heartfelt speech delivered by a man in Y-fronts to another in a bin bag… But, that is the talent of Crybabies. 

To give the most basic synopsis: a failure of a scientist, who lives in a backwater community that despises him, stumbles across an alien and sees it as his opportunity to finally be recognised by the Institute of Brilliant Scientists. There's songs, there’s one of the best flash-forward scenes ever devised, there’s a shocking plot twist. And it’s bloody hysterical. What more do you really want?

The group have really grown as writers and performers since I reviewed them in 2019, and are now truly masters of their craft. I was not the only member of the audience actually crying with laughter. 

I won't spend any more time on this review, as all it’s doing is delaying you buying a ticket. Do yourself a favour and make sure you see this show – Crybabies are going to be huge.

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Read our interview with Crybabies here

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