Submit your entries for the Voice Summer Showcase!

Summer is upon us and now that things are slowly returning back to “normal”, what better way to celebrate that then to share your talents with the world?

Submit your entries for the Voice Summer Showcase!

Maybe you were planning on going to Edinburgh Festival Fringe but have changed your plans. Maybe during lockdown you set yourself the goal of writing a new song, or learning to paint. Perhaps you’ve made your first film or mastered an instrument and are now ready to show the world your creations. Whatever your artistic talent, we want to shine a spotlight on it, and celebrate creativity together during a year where creativity is what’s kept us going. 

To make things a little bit more interesting (and to give it a real talent show feel) we will be bringing in some creative industry professionals to look over your entries. Our judges have been given £25 vouchers to award at their discretion. They won’t just be looking at the quality of your work, but also the creativity on display, and the inspiration behind it. 

The showcase will kick off on 2 August, and keep going for as long as we have submissions to celebrate! Want to see yourself on our official Summer Showcase list? Keep reading to find out what to do!

How to join in

The first thing you’ll need to do is register for an account on the website. You can find information on how to do that here

Once registered, you then have to decide how you want to display your creativity? Do you want to submit a video that you’ve put on YouTube or Vimeo, or use our photoblog feature to showcase pictures? Maybe your entry is a short story or a poem, and you just want to type it out? Whatever your medium, we can support it. 

Once you’ve decided, you will then need to upload it to the website as a blog and save it as unpublished. You can achieve this by unticking the publish box, as shown below. 

f9984de76e6acf396e2d01f36322c829208a7ce3.pngMake sure this box is unticked

Once your work is saved on the site as unpublished, we will just need a few more details from you. 

Tell us about yourself!

Alongside your display, we want to give you the chance to shine and tell the world a little bit about yourself, your interests, and what first attracted you to your artform. We will publish this mini case-study alongside your work in August. 
To achieve this, we ask that you complete this short questionnaire

Please note you can only complete it once your work is saved as unpublished on Voice. 

We’re so excited to have the chance to share in your talent and creativity, and hope that this can become a regular part of your summer.

Key details

  • Submissions are now open until 23:59 on 26 July. To be eligible for for entry you must have your work saved unpublished on the website and have completed the form by this date

  • Judges are to be announced towards the end of submission dates

  • Judges have been given an allocation of £25 vouchers to award at their discretion. Awardees will be notified via the email address used to register on Voice, and the judges comments will be published alongside the work

  • Entries to the Summer Showcase will be published on a weekly basis, starting from 2 August. We reserve the right to not showcase any submissions that go against our House Rules


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