#HelloYellow: Callout for creative responses

Share a positive mental health message, drawing, poem, song or video for the YoungMinds campaign.

#HelloYellow: Callout for creative responses

Bananas, smiley faces, fluorescent hi-vis, yellow submarines, road markings, warning signs and of course bright sunshine, might be some of our immediate associations with yellow.

Our emotional responses to the colour might include feeling cheerful, bright, optimistic, hopeful and communicative. Much of this is linked to the sun itself, the planet's source of life and energy. A bright sunny day often sparks a feeling of well-being and lifted spirits, as –like the sun's rays– we feel radiant and expansive. Yellow is the colour most like sunlight, and the most visible of the spectrum.

It is yellow that mental health charity YoungMinds chose as their striking brand colour, and it has become central to their annual #HelloYellow campaign. Timed on 10th October for World Mental Health Day, the campaign aims to raise funds and awareness that young people are not alone when it comes to mental health. Schools and businesses wear something yellow on the day, and everyone is invited to share positive messages about mental health. Here at Voice, we've been pleased to partner with YoungMinds, especially during the key month of October.

This callout invites the Voice community of contributors, reporters, creatives and young arts professionals to participate in the #HelloYellow campaign and share a positive message about mental health.

What makes you feel good?
What lifts you up when you're down?
What do you say to a friend feeling blue?

This could be by creating something special (or sharing existing relevant work) such as:

  • Inspirational quote or advice
  • Drawing or other artwork
  • Photograph
  • Short video
  • Poem
  • Song

How to share

Use the hashtag #HelloYellow

  • Post it on Voice
  • Post it on social media, tagging @VoiceMagUK and @YoungMindsUK

Deadline: 31st October 2017

Whilst the central focus is on 10th October, we'd like to invite your responses throughout the whole of the month.

We're excited to see what you come up with!


Cath Carver

Cath Carver

Cath is the Voice Development Manager taking care of brand strategy, marketing and partnerships. Cath's background spans urban space, visual arts, dance, music, consumer trends and fashion. She is a colour expert, urban visionary, artist, writer and creative project lead. Cath is the founder of Colour Your City, a movement dedicated to transforming urban space with colour. She has also led projects and workshops with world-leading organisations such as Greenpeace, TrendWatching, Centre for Sustainable Fashion, Blippar, TEDx and artist Camille Walala.

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