ALPHAS release new track ‘Dangerous’

The magnetic duo Alphas, are set to release a new Electronic single called “Dangerous”, following the recent 2021 success of “Just  For Me” in January. 

ALPHAS release new track ‘Dangerous’

ALPHAS, a duo consisting of Jarmane and Fabian Raad-McAndrew, who first appeared on the queer music scene in 2019, have been pushing to create nostalgic and contemporary sounds since their 2019 debut album “Throwback”. 

Their sound embodies R&B, providing the nostalgia of old school classics while infusing their influences with EDM and House, giving the listener a new unique audio experience. 

Dangerous, the latest single, will be released on 12 March 2021 and is described by the band as “a track in anticipation of the return to clubs, festivals and Pride events”. They said “We long for the return to listening and dancing to great music in clubs and bars, and we wanted to create a song that embodies that feeling.”

After listening to Dangerous, “that feeling” they refer to is almost unavoidable, as it’s uptempo beat, thudding bass and layered vocals create an uplifting energy, further solidifying their success after previous track  “Just for Me” was labeled an LGBTQ+  anthem by HMMA.

There has definitely been a void within the EDM genre during the pandemic, with the lack of live music and events, however ALPHAS are choosing to maximise this time by releasing new projects throughout the upcoming weeks, and working together on an array of tracks that perfectly represent their musical growth.

The release of Dangerous is accompanied by a Radio edit as well as a live performance video, and more new music will be released in the coming weeks.

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