Introducing the TrinityTalent | Class of 2018

Trinity music students receive recognition for their achievements in TrinityTalent | Class 2018 on Voice

Introducing the TrinityTalent | Class of 2018

Meet the chart-toppers and concert musicians of tomorrow. Trinity College London have teamed up with Voice Magazine to feature the UK’s top young musicians who have taken Trinity grades over the last 12 months.

Following an open call for new talent, nominations for Musical Achievement, Creativity, Progress and Leadership have been pouring in from friends, teachers, parents and carers. Here at Voice we have been astounded by the musicianship, creativity and sheer graft of tomorrow’s best and brightest and are proud to present the TrinityTalent | Class 2018.

From songwriters to producers, cellists and jazz clarinettists, TrinityTalent features a wide range of musicians. Some have rattled through the grades in a matter of months, others are award-winning young musicians taking their first steps to becoming pro. You may have already seen them within your community, either in a local newspaper or through their records on SoundCloud. Each nomination comes as recognition of their achievement in their respective categories.

Sarah Kemp, CEO, Trinity College London, offered her congratulations to the nominees in a recent statement: “At Trinity, we are immensely proud to celebrate the creativity and achievements of these young musicians and delighted that Trinity exams have helped them to develop their musicianship. We look forward to watching their progress in the future.”

Thanks to all who took part in the nominations and make sure to check out the TrinityTalent | Class 2018 on Voice.


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