Rishi Sunak calls for snap general elections on 4 July

The surprise election call comes as Conservatives trail in the polls

Rishi Sunak calls for snap general elections on 4 July

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has announced a surprise snap general election for 4 July, urging the nation to choose a new government.

In a rain-soaked address outside 10 Downing Street, Sunak revealed that the King has granted his request to dissolve Parliament. He then made a case for his re-election, emphasising his achievements in defence and his management of the pandemic, particularly his role as Chancellor in implementing the furlough scheme.

Sunak stated, “I hope that my work since I became Prime Minister shows that we have a plan and are prepared to take bold action necessary for our country to flourish.

“I have stuck with that plan and always been honest with you about what is needed, even when that has been difficult.

“I cannot and will not claim that we have got everything right. No government could, but I am proud of what we have achieved together and the bold actions we have taken. I’m confident about what we can do in the future.”

In recent weeks, Sunak has sought to distance himself from previous Conservative governments, including that of his predecessor Liz Truss, who served as Prime Minister for just 45 days.

As the Conservatives lag up to 20 points in the polls, Sunak’s call for a snap election appears to be a strategic move to secure a fresh mandate from the electorate. The upcoming election will test his leadership and the public’s appetite for the Conservative vision moving forward.

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