Interview with Megan Jarvie, actor and voice artist

I interviewed actor and director Megan Jarvie about her role in Boundless Theatre’s Radio Elusia, a fictional podcast show. 

Interview with Megan Jarvie, actor and voice artist

Could you introduce yourself, Radio Elusia and the character you play?  

My name is Megan Jarvie. I am a Scottish actor, voice actor and director based in London and I play Joni in Season 1 and 2 of Radio Elusia with Boundless Theatre.

What is your favourite thing about Radio Elusia?

My favourite thing about Radio Elusia is the escapism. Within the current climate that the story has been released, having the opportunity to be able to completely dive into this world of Elusia has been a real privilege. The entire cast and creative team have been a joy to work with and it has been such an exciting opportunity as a creative to work with so many talented creatives across both seasons.

What was the process of creating Season 1 like, and how was this different to Season 2?

The biggest difference coming into Season 2 was that rather than working with one writer we had the opportunity to be working with multiple writers. This was so special because it gave us as cast members the opportunity to explore different perspectives on our characters and deeply dive into what makes them so unique. As we recorded Season 1 prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, we were able to rehearse and record in the room all together, whilst for Season 2 we rehearsed and recorded remotely. I was recording from my family home in the Scottish Borders, so there were obstacles such as the internet connection and the odd noisy sheep to be competing with, however the entire team at Boundless are so positive and motivating that even these smaller obstacles were never a hindrance.

In what way do you think you are similar to Joni and in what ways are you different?

From my first read for Joni during the audition process back in January of 2020, I connected so much with her drive and tenacity. As an actor, the industry can be very trying at times and not always so kind. I feel it’s that persistence to keep going, to keep striving to learn more and to just keep going forwards towards the life and career she wants that I see in common with Joni most of all. I think there are lots of things I can learn from Joni, too. I admire her freedom and her ability to tell it like it is, where I feel at times I definitely keep my feelings to myself and could learn a thing or two from her about standing up for myself more.

What do you think is special about podcasts?

Podcasting is a really cool medium to be working in. The anticipation of having weekly episodes coming out is so exciting, especially due to how we consume media nowadays. Being able to check in with these characters weekly, switch off the outside world and dive into a place that is so different and yet so similar to our own is so special, and hard to emulate on a different platform.

What advice would you give to someone looking to follow in your footsteps? Was there something you wish you’d been told when you were starting out?

I have a few!

  • It’s hard. But it doesn’t have to be all the time. 

  • Despite what people say to try and scare you, auditioning will be some of the best moments of your career. Have fun with this.

  • Whilst working in this industry you will be able to meet and connect with some of the most incredible, funny, kind and compassionate people, and that is a real treat. Allow yourself to get inspired by the people you are sharing space with. 

  • Twitter is great and you can find so many opportunities and auditions there!

  • Imposter syndrome is all in your head, but your feelings are valid and you’re allowed to feel things.

  • Opportunities are everywhere. It’s important to be connected with the industry. Know what’s happening, who’s writing, where audition opportunities are being shared. It’s your career. You have the power to take control over it.

In terms of the theatre industry, what are you most excited to see or do when restrictions are no longer in place?

I have booked to see Romeo and Juliet at The Globe already and am so excited to see it! I was cast in an online production of Troilus & Cressida in summer of last year and at R&J will be the first time a lot of us will be meeting in person, which is lovely. I’m also looking forward to meeting up with the cast and writers from Season 2 of Radio Elusia, as although we have all spent a lot of time together online, a lot of us haven’t met in person before either. I am also so excited to go to a concert again, belting out some good tunes with friends. I’ve missed that a lot.

Where can people find you online?

You can find me on Twitter at @megan_jarvie, Instagram at @meganjarvie or on my website at Thanks for having me!


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