Interview with Alice Sneddon

"All my biggest influences are subsequently my friends because they were really my first exposure to comedy."

Interview with Alice Sneddon

Could you first introduce yourself to the reader? 

My name is Alice and I’m a Leo. I’ve already said too much.

How would you describe your show? 

It’s a stand up comedy show that questions what it means to be a good person and argues that maybe I’m one of the best out there. 

Why do you want to perform at Edinburgh Festival Fringe? 

What are you, my therapist?

What differentiates it from other festivals? 

That I genuinely enjoy it. It just feels electric in a way that, for me, other festivals don’t.

What first motivated you to enter the industry? Who were your inspirations? 

I honestly don’t know, I think it was making friends with comedians. All my biggest influences are subsequently my friends because they were really my first exposure to comedy. Thankfully they are very talented and funny.  

If you didn’t have your current job, what would you probably be doing? 

I trained as a lawyer, so I’d probably be doing that, content and happy.

If you could have any job in the world, what would it be? 

What does Elon Musk do? He seems to have a lot of fun.

What is your earliest childhood art memory? 

There’s a sculpture in Italy of a face and the mythology around it is that if you are a liar, then when you put your hand in its mouth, it’ll bite it off. I remember that very vividly.  I thought for sure I would lose a hand, but if I didn’t do it then everyone would know I was a liar, so I had no option but to risk it.

Do you ever feel any pressure to be a social commentator, or constantly update material to respond to events? 

I don’t really, I’m always going by what’s of interest to me and often that matches what’s happening, but I don’t feel a pressure to make that so.

Equally, do you think there has been a shift in public sentiment that has affected your work? 

If there has been, it’s imperceptible to me.

Describe the last year in 5 words or less? 

Personally, an exciting, fulfilling year.

If you could work with anybody, from any point in history, who would you pick and why? 

Fran Lebowitz. She’s not really “from history” as she’s still alive, but I just think she’s an incredible writer and observer. I know she would hate working with me and I think I’d thrive off that agitation.

Why would a performer opt to do either a ticketed event or participate in the free fringe? What are the benefits and limitations of both? 

I’m embarrassed to say I have no idea. I’m so bad at admin, I just do as I’m told. I’m an adult baby.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to take a show up to the fringe? 

Keep your expectations low and do it.

When and where can people see your show? 

9:45pm, Pleasance Courtyard, Bunker 1

And where can people find, follow and like you online? 

@alicesnedden on twitter/instagram/facebook.

You can see Alice Sneddon: Absolute Monster at Pleasance Bunker One  from 31st July – 25th August at 9:45pm. For tickets, please visit


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