Interview with Will Duggan

Will Duggan takes some time to talk to Voice about the show, inspirations, and to give advice to young people.

Interview with Will Duggan

Could you first introduce yourself to the reader?

Hello! I am Will Duggan. Comedian, bald man, national treasure in waiting.

How would you describe your show?

My show is essentially a party-political broadcast to get people to agree that I should be the supreme leader of the globe. Plus help me get over the breakup of my last relationship. (I'm fine).

Why do you want to perform at Edinburgh Festival Fringe?

It's the biggest and best arts festival in the world! Plus, all my mates are up there. Take away the crushing stress of doing a show and it's just a lovely month-long party. Put that stress back in and it's a month-long endurance test. With a party every night.

What differentiates it from other festivals?

The time of year and geographical location that it takes place. Plus, it lasts a month. That's silly, really isn't it? A month. Too long.

Do you think the Fringe has changed over the years? If so, how? Are these changes positive or negative?

That's all about spin isn't it. Of course, it's changed. Nothing stays the same for 70 years. Do I like it? Sure. Are there things I'd change about it? Absolutely.

What first motivated you to enter the industry?

I first became interested in stand up when I was a teenager. I worked at a pizza hut and when I got home from work on a Saturday I would watch 'The Comedy Store Presents', 'Jongleurs Unleashed' and 'The World Stands Up' with my dad. When I went to University I used to go the comedy store late show most Saturdays by myself. Did my first gig in my last year of studying, but then left and got a real job in finance which was the absolute worst. Jacked that in and started doing open spots and working in a restaurant. Best decision I ever made.

If you didn't have your current job, what would you probably be doing?


If you could have any job in the world, what would it be?

Umm, either ruler of the world or cowboy. But I'm allergic to horses.

What is your earliest childhood art memory?

I used to have a friend that was a graffiti drawing of a face on a fence near my house that I would talk to. He was called Fred. Oh God, that's bleak.

Do you ever feel any pressure to be a social commentator, or constantly update material to respond to events?

I think that social commentary is very important in comedy, that's the job of a comedian I think. However, it has to be a funny take. There's nothing worse than the same easy joke churned out by a million faceless comedians after every global event.

Describe the last year in 5 words or less?

Well. There we go then.

If you could work with anybody, from any point in history, who would you pick and why?

Genghis Khan. Ruthlessly efficient that man. Half a percent of everybody is descended from that guy. What a work ethic.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to take a show up to the fringe?

Do it. Work hard, trust yourself and then do it. But don't steal my audience or I'll cut you.

When and where can people see your show?

5:20 every day from the 3rd-27th (not 14th) at The Mash House.

And where can people find, follow and like you online?

You can fine me on twitter @willduggan, or on Facebook under Will Duggan comedian. Don't try anywhere else, I can't be responsible for what you'll find.

Will Duggan: Perspicuator is performing at The Mash House at 17:20 on 3rd – 27th (not 14th). For tickets and more information visit the Ed Fringe website.


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