What goes on at...City Arts?

We spoke to Alma from City Arts in Nottingham about the work they do ahead of the local networking event with numerous big and small cultural organisations on 1 July.

What goes on at...City Arts?

Could you first introduce yourself for the reader

My name is Alma Solarte-Tobon, I work for City Arts in Nottingham as a Creative Producer.

City Arts has become quite a pioneer in the accessibility of the arts it gets young people involved in. How have you managed to stay on top of being so inclusive?

City Arts Nottingham ethos has always been to create art opportunities that 'bring people together,' working collaboratively with young people and particularly target resources towards vulnerable groups.

In what ways can young people get involved with City Arts?

We have a programme of activities that run throughout the year. We do open workshops for children and families, we deliver workshops in schools, we do targeted work through the Express Yourself programme and we have now developed the Young Producers Programme for the 'older' young people aged 18 – 30 who are just starting out in their creative careers

What projects are you working on at the moment?

City Arts has a varied programme throughout. At present we are gearing up for our outdoor summer events.

What activities are most popular for young people and why?

City Arts works with many arts forms and they are all well-liked by the young people who attend them. We work with professional artists and makers from a variety of backgrounds. From filmmakers to puppeteers, graffiti to recycled art.


Could you give an example of a recent project you have run, and the impact it had?

The most recent has been a week long half term project. Working with three professional artists, the young people learnt many different skills and created work for the exhibition that is now on our window for a month. The young people who are mainly referred to us had a great time and, by the end of the week, had improved their confidence enormously.

What levels of Arts Award do you run?

We run all levels but mainly Bronze.

What does City Arts' future look like?

At present, City Arts is evaluating the young people's programme and will hope to get further funding to continue to enable us to work with more young people.

Do you publish any online resources that young people could use?

Not at present

City Arts champions being able to promote the arts to vulnerable people and people who wouldn't otherwise have access to the arts. What do you think are the key steps to making this happen?

The key is to have good contacts with different referral partners. Make sure the work is noticed and celebrated and having the Arts Award qualification encourages young people to take part as they like to have their work formally recognised.


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