What goes on at...Lambeth Music Festival

This week, Lambeth Music Festival takes place at Southbank Centre, bringing together over 3000 children and young people for live performances. We caught up with Lambeth Music Service's lead tutor, Oliver Bayley to find out more.

What goes on at...Lambeth Music Festival

What happens at Lambeth Music Festival?

The annual Lambeth Music Festival is a series of concerts held at Southbank Centre which celebrate the achievements of young musicians in schools and specialist music centres. The festival is a partnership between Southbank Centre, the Lambeth Music Service and the Lambeth Music Network.

What was the initial drive in setting it up?

The LMF was set up as a performance platform for Lambeth schools to assemble in one location to showcase their choirs and ensembles within peer groups.

What can we expect from the festival this year?

This year we have nine concerts at the Royal Festival Hall including Choirs, orchestras and contemporary ensembles. Over 3000 children and young people will perform with an estimated audience of 5000. In addition, for the first time we will be 'bringing it local' and will feature a day of performances in Brixton from five partner organisations who are part of the Lambeth Music Network (LMN)

What is the biggest challenge in bringing so many young people together for a project like this?

The biggest challenges are ensuring the Health and safety of each person attending and that it is an enjoyable experience for schools. As an organisation we work with many schools in the borough so we are aware of school protocol which we include in our events strategies.

How do you select the types of music that are covered?

We try to offer the broadest range of concerts we can to cater for most genres of music. We have orchestral concerts, contemporary concerts and choir concerts. The types of music performed is entirely up to the schools who attend and we find that they can fit into any of our concert categories.

In general, do you think young people have enough access to a wide variety of music in their formative years?

The Lambeth Music Service work in about 60 local schools teaching students from reception to year13 in a multitude of ranges. Also In Lambeth there are over 40 music providers who are part of the Lambeth Music Network delivering a diverse range of activities.

Why is music so important for young people to engage with?

It is every human beings right to be able to express themselves through as many forms of communication as possible. Music is a language and as such can help people to understand how to communicate in an expressive and creative way. Learning an instrument is fun, is good for your health and helps people learn how to work with others in a positive and productive way.



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