Get Finished

Ready to submit your Gold Arts Award portfolio and gain that certificate? Let's go

Ask your Gold Adviser to assess your portfolio and book your moderation. Make sure your portfolio is really clearly laid out so that the Arts Award Moderator can quickly find your work for the different units. Take a look at our Portfolios section [link] for advice and lots of examples.

Or are you flagging? Lots of people start Gold but don't finish so you're not alone…it's a big award which takes good organisation to complete.

We recommend:

  • Keep it simple!
    Better to achieve something simple and high quality than attempt a complex project which is hard to pull off. Don't be afraid to revise your project to keep it manageable
  • Check in regularly with your Gold Adviser as s/he can help you organise your schedule
  • Create a good plan and keep a note of your progress
    Using a project plan is a great way of staying on track and adapting your project to make it work. It's also a handy skill to develop! Here are some of our faves: add suggestions of project plan tools
  • Ask for help
    Talk to friends or contact us here at
    We can offer a Skype call and sometimes a chat helps to sort things out!