Gold Inspiration Podcast

Want to go for Gold? This podcast will certainly help!

Hello, podcast lovers! It has been a long time but we are back once more, and this time we are talking about how to achieve Gold Arts Award.

Gold Inspiration Podcast

Deputy Editor Tom talks to three Gold Arts Award achievers about their experiences. They touch on some potential news stories that could serve as inspiration for your Unit 1, Part D: Form an Opinion. They conclude by giving their top tops. So if you are wanting to push yourself and get Gold, this will be a great resource.


Joshua - Administrative and logistic support for Voice

Ashlee - Arts Activist Team member

Emrys - Project manager for Arts Award Voice, and a Gold Trainer

Discussed articles

Quentin Tarantino takes part in a protest against police brutality in NY

BBC will become more "open" and "distinctive" under new proposals

YouTube Red

Top tips

"Planning and getting in your portfolio as you go along"

Know what you want to do, and plan in advance. If you know where you are, and where you want to get to, it makes your life so much easier.

"Don't let the workload put you off"

If it's something that you want to do…the workload shouldn't put you off because you should be wanting to do as much of that art form as you can. Just do it as you go along, it's a lot easier.

"Do it in something that you enjoy"

Do something that you've never done before that compliments your existing art work, as it will make you a more well-rounded professional


Keep the contacts of everyone you speak to. You never know when you might need to call them up for a favour, or advice down the road in your professional career.

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Tom Inniss

Tom Inniss Voice Team

Tom is the Editor of Voice. He is a politics graduate and holds a masters in journalism, with particular interest in youth political engagement and technology. He is also a mentor to our Voice Contributors, and champions our festivals programme, including the reporter team at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe..

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