What’s your Gold worth?

Did you know that UCAS, the organisation who handles your university application, recognises Gold Arts Award, offering 35 points for a pass? Well it's true!

What’s your Gold worth?

I, like so many before me, have had to go through the stressful process of applying for university and sitting my exams in the hope of furthering my education. Having perhaps not worked as hard as I should have during AS, I knew that I had to work extra hard this year. While focusing really hard on my subjects, I wanted to continue expanding my creative elements, so Gold Arts Award really provided the best of both worlds.

In Gold there is two units, helpfully titled 1 and 2. Unit 1 is about expanding your artistic ability and understanding. I have uploaded my arts opinion piece to the blog if you would like to read it.The second unit has you spearhead an artistic event in the public sphere, correctly documenting it all for your portfolio. Find out more on our Gold page

The award itself raises the bar high enough from Silver to ensure you are challenging and expanding your creative capacity. Working on the award really provided a great outlet for those times where studying became too much.

But what does 35 UCAS points mean? 35 UCAS points is between the grades C/D at AS level, and while it doesn't sound impressive, when combined with the rest of the UCAS points gained – hopefully more than I managed – it can make the difference between meeting the entry requirements, or having to go into clearing.

I was lucky enough to get into my first choice university, and having those extra UCAS points was very helpful in achieving this. If you do plan to go to university, I fully recommend Gold Arts Award, as it also gives you lots to talk about in your personal statement!


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