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Find your voice through film … from concept to creation

end2end TV CIC was the brainchild of Peter Barrett & Lorraine Smith; Peter with his wealth of TV & film knowledge and Lorraine with her passion for giving children a platform to find and use their voice, combined with their experience within education and not putting limits on what children can learn when given an opportunity.

end2end TV CIC is a TV Production Company based in Bexley, Kent where children learn practical skills using professional equipment to make TV Programmes, Promos and video content. They use a green screen studio, multi camera control room and editing hub, as well as sophisticated ENG cameras.

The e2e Crew are a vibrant, skilled bunch of 11 year olds who have been immersed in a TV Scholarship Program since April. The crew are working on their own Bronze Arts Award, whilst training other children in clubs & workshops in TV Production!

The Crew's Top Tips

  • It doesn’t matter if you don’t get it the first time!

  • Film things that inspire you!

  • Have fun and be creative!

  • “Capture every moment. No matter what perspective, it is always good to have extra film for great content.”

  • “Don’t doubt yourself. If you want to make a film think of an idea and you can build from it. Everything will fall into place with the right team of people around you.”

  • Go for it!


“It’s exciting! So far there has been lots of hands on learning where we worked well as a team. I like learning about technology and am looking forward to helping to train others.”

What have the Crew loved so far?

  • Making a film

  • Learning lots of new skills ‘by doing’

  • Filming a band

  • Teaching others

  • Working as a team

  • Having FUN!

3d0fba4466df0e109b5cf67e8749358ae8590b28.JPG“The fact that we are learning with professional equipment as a team, whilst working towards a Bronze Arts Award is fun, and makes me feel involved in something special.”

end2end TV are looking forward to contributing to the Voice Magazine regularly! 

You can find out more about us and our club opportunities here:

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end2end TV

end2end TV

Based in Bexley, end2end TV is the first TV Production Company of its kind, empowering young people to find their voice through film, television & digital content. We know that there are no limits to what children can learn when given an opportunity.  

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