Announcing the winners of #LoveArtsAward15

Announcing the lucky winners and runners up for the #LoveArtsAward15 competition, with thanks to judge Arts Award alumna and current Operations and Events Manager for a charity-run community centre, Phoebe Hill.

Announcing the winners of #LoveArtsAward15

Arts Award has been supporting young people to develop their creativity and leadership for 15 years. 500,000 awards have been achieved in over 4,000 centres across the UK. Arts Award has inspired young artists, nurtured talent and offered insights into the arts world, together with a taste of creative careers.

To celebrate Arts Award's 15th birthday we ran a competition to celebrate your creative responses to your love for art! You got your paints, cameras, voices and dancing feet ready and you took to the challenge to #LoveArtsAward15. 

The Judge

9d0dcaef5adaa7300db3b2e4c4b4fa32a1ab6fed.JPGPhoebe Hill's art workPhoebe Hill is an Arts Award alumna and currently the Operations and Events Manager for a charity-run community centre. She's also involved in the theatre industry, designing set and costume for plays and even making puppets. Phoebe says the highlight of her creative work in theatre has been designing and building puppets for the two musicals Into the Woods and Honk. Phoebe also has a passion for drawing, in particular observational drawing from life. During lockdown, she took part in a ‘drawing-a-day’ challenge, with different prompts for each day, and she'd really recommend it for pushing yourself and exploring different mediums. 

Phoebe judged the entries for #LoveArtsAward15 competition and selected a winner and three lucky runners up. Although impressed by all of the entries, she chose those that had an eye for creativity, had an interesting style and really communicated why they loved art. 

Find out more about Phoebe Hill >>

First Prize 

First place and winner of a £50 arts voucher of their choice is @GiddyGamerzOfficial

Phoebe says "I love Giddy Gamerz's submission, it really made me smile (and the smile again a few minutes later thinking about it). More than this though, I've chosen this as the winner because it celebrates different types of art, and also why they love their own art form of digital art."


Runners up

In no particular order, we have three runners up who win a £20 voucher of choice!

Carousel artist Tina Dickinson

Tina reflects on developing her filmmaking skills for her Gold Arts Award. Phoebe says "Tina clearly chose an artform she loves as part of her Gold Arts Award, and her submission excellently captures why it is she loves film!". 



Art addict shared her thoughts on what art means to them along with a collage of hand-written typeface. Phoebe says "I like how creative this artist has been in using a different style for each word expressing what art means to them."


Alex from Medical Needs Teaching Service

Alex shared her artwork and a narrative about the inspiration behind her creations. Phoebe says "I like that Alex's artwork and audio description shows her personal approach to drawing, and is very emotionally expressive." 


Congratulations all! And thank you so much to all of those who took the time to enter the competition. We had some great entries! 

WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU. We want to talk to people who completed their Arts Award in the first 10 years between 2006-2015.  We’d love to know what you did next and what you’re up to now.  Did Arts Award help you, whatever career you're following? 

If that's you, or someone you know, get in touch for a feature on Voice magazine and a hello from Trinity College London. 


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