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The name of the play is butterflies, the director is Nathan Curry, the play was co-produced by the company half-moon theatre and tangled feet, the play was released on 11th January 2018 and place of production is in the half-moon theatre.

Paragraph 2: The Plot: 

The story line of this play is all about setting out on a journey into the unknown place with three actors. The style they used in the play is sound, lights and Voice projects to show their emotions towards the audience to see that the actors are scared to do anything, but they do it all together to be brave. 

Paragraph 3: The Acting: 

When I first watched the play, I did not understand what the play was about, as I watched it over and again and again somehow, I got to understand what the play was representing. Within the play the rope is a vital pieces of prop that is used throughout. The use of props greatly helped convey the story line of the play, for example in one of the sense the actors portrayed a bridge through the use of that single rope. What I also found interesting was the way they used their body language, in one of the scene the girl portrayed her fear and anxiety by bring her arm and legs closer to her chest, this clearly goes to show she is worried and frightened by the loss of her friends. Furthermore, what helped make the play more believable was the facial expression. In the beginning of the play one of the male actors had an upset stomach which he projected throughout the whole play through use of facial expression and body language. The actor had a frown on his face with his skin on his forehead and eyebrows wrinkled toward the centre of his face, he also uses his hands and put them on his stomach to show that he had a bad stomach-ache. What’s more, is that the projection and clear vocalisation of each character helped the audience to understand the play better also the raw emotion was exposed through that technique.     

Paragraph 4: The design: 

The play started of pitch black with intense music and a spot of light that was moving cross the white sheets, this immediately set my mood to become tensed as it made me think that the whole play is going to be quiet dark, edgy and emotional. This theme was used throughout the play but other lights were displayed such as red light, green light and purple light, these light to me represented danger, uncertainty and loneliness. Furthermore, what helped me understand the characters better was the way they were dressed, they wore shorts, t-shirts, hoodies with long sock and converses. This attire helps the actors to convey across to the audience that they are playing children. All these props and preparation helped the productions to put across the message that they wanted to do, which was that in every step of child’s life it is full of anxiety and uncertainty.

Paragraph 5: The conclusion: 

I didn’t really understand what the play would be about, and then I kept on watching it and it came to a point where I got to understand some of the play and scenes and some of the scenes looked dangerous and portrayed loneliness because of the way they used the lighting of red and purple and I didn’t really like the play that much as I had seen better plays before this one, as I felt confused which led me to lose interest in the play.


Sayyidah Khatun

Sayyidah Khatun

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  • Francoise Moore

    On 27 July 2020, 22:13 Francoise Moore commented:

    Sayyidah you are very honest in your review. Do you think you have to like every play that you watch? Can you still recommend it even if it’s not your favourite?

  • Julia Williams

    On 17 September 2020, 12:16 Julia Williams commented:

    It's good to see different styles of theater so you learn what you like. I hope you watch more performances.

  • Sayyidah Khatun

    On 20 September 2020, 22:42 Sayyidah Khatun commented:

    I'm not 100% sure if i will be watching more performance as I'm busy with other things

  • Sayyidah Khatun

    On 21 September 2020, 12:16 Sayyidah Khatun commented:

    @francoise Moore no I don't have to like play i have watched but the play i watched i really like them.

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