My version of Shadow Play

Collage using strips of colorful tissue paper. 

I used  a ruler to draw out straight lines on an A3 piece of paper. Then between the straight lines I drew lots of diagonal lines. I cut the folded tissue paper into parallelograms. Then I stuck them onto the blank spaces on the A3 piece of paper to make a shadow play pattern. I enjoyed cutting and glueing down the different strips of tissue paper. I developed my line drawing skills. I have right side hemiplegia which makes it hard for me to hold a ruler. So this activity was good practice for that.   

I was inspired by Bridget Riley‘s Shadow play 1990 oil on canvas. I completed this as an Arts Pioneers Cambridgeshire activity. I think this Shadow Play art is  good because of all the different colors used. The bright colors make me feel happy. 

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Benjamin Jones

Benjamin Jones

I am doing my Bronze Arts Award.

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