Share an Arts Skill

I taught my mum how to draw  a cartoon character. 

1.    What arts skills do you have that you would like to share? Drawing a cartoon character. 

2.    Why would you like to share these skills? Because it’s fun. 

3.    Note down your plans for sharing your arts skills

? how will you share them I will draw the character step by step and let my partner copy it.

? who will you share them with My Mum. 

? what preparation and resources will you need Paper, pencil, and something to color with. 

? do you need to practice practise beforehand yes I have already drawn the drawing before. 

? how can you make it fun and interesting Draw a fun character, fund and colorful. 

? what would you like people to be able to do by the end of your skills share draw a cartoon character.

? how can you document the session photos 

RUN your skills share (well done)…then REVIEW it!

4.    Did everything go to plan or did you have to adapt or think on your feet?Yes everything went to plan.

5.    Got some evidence of you running your skills share? Photos, video etc

6.    What went well? Everything went well. 

7.    Any problems?  If so, how did you deal with them? I don’t think we had any problems. 

8.    Did people understand how to do what you were teaching them? Yes my mum understood what I was teaching her to do. 

9.    What feedback do you have from others about how well you shared your skills? Ben gave clear instructions and went at a good pace so I could follow him. I loved my final cartoon character.

10.    Is there anything you would do differently next time?  If so, why? I don’t think we could do anything next time. 

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Benjamin Jones

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  • Diana Walton

    On 29 June 2020, 11:41 Diana Walton Voice Team commented:

    Well done Benjamin - looks like you prepped your drawing lesson well and your mum achieved good results. Nice clear photos of what happened!

  • Charlotte Hooker

    On 29 June 2020, 21:15 Charlotte Hooker Contributor commented:

    Lovely drawings! Well done.

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