Things I can't wait to do once we're allowed out again!

This was a pretty tough one to write because lockdown is getting to me (as it is with all of us)! Today I was daydreaming about what I'm most looking forward to once we're allowed out again and I thought I'd share it to keep all of our spirits up!

Things I can't wait to do once we're allowed out again!


Do you remember those days when you could just message the group chat, make some sandwiches and a blanket and go hang out in the park for a whole afternoon? ME NEITHER. Those days seem so very far away now, and I just can't wait for the day where we can all hang out together outside until the sun goes down. Those days are coming, I promise!


All the main museums in London are free, and it is such a lovely way to spend a day with your nearest and dearest, or a really good way to show visitors around the capital city. I can't wait to spend a day out in town just wandering around the V&A or the Natural History Museum filling my brain with interesting facts...


Charity shopping or thrifting is the best way to get new clothes at no cost to the environment - and I miss them! There's something so exciting and rewarding about spending a few hours trawling through secondhand clothes until BAM! You find the perfect piece! The one item you've been waiting for this entire time! I love it and I can wait to get thrifty again!


I don't know about you guys, but I really miss seeing movies I haven't already seen like a million times before... New movies coming out is going to feel so good and there are going to be so many of them to catch up on! 


I miss people. I miss hugs. I miss my friends. Lockdown is hard y'all. I can't wait to just be with the people I love again, and hang out somewhere that isn't my bedroom. See you in the park?

Yeah, this list is pretty bittersweet. But it makes me happy to think about the good times that lie ahead of us all. We will get there soon, I promise! Until then, stay home and stay safe, and I'll see you in the park when this is all over!

Allegra xo

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