The importance of art in times of self isolation

since the global outbreak of the COVID-19 or coronavirus, we have all been told to stay home as part of what it seems to be the only way to stop it: self-isolation. How can art help us feel better about it?

The importance of art in times of self isolation

In many countries, all social gathering and events have been banned, such as concerts and festivals, and the theatres and cinemas have been shut down indefinitely. In these times when we all have to stay home and the media can make us feel a little anxious, art is going to be a very important thing to keep us motivated and cheer us all a bit. It is elementary to stay calmed, breath and be as relaxed as possible; this is why making music, painting, writing -even acting the lines of your favourite book, can help a lot. Also, this is a good time to just let yourself go and enjoy the classics (for me, the painting I chose for the cover of this post, "Wheat field with cypresses", by Vincent Van Gogh). Don't forget that if you miss seeing your favourite artists live, you can keep an eye on their instagram accounts: a lot of them are making live streams and playing their songs for a public in quarantine. It is very important to share the work of freelancer artists as well : there’s a lot of amazing new masterpieces out there waiting to be discovered ! The social media can often transmit fear and uncertainty, but if we use it right, we can spread positivity through art.

Making music together 

This is a great oportunity to seize the techological offer we have in hand. Many orchestras and bands around the world are making online rehearsals and even concerts ! We tried it in the orchestra of which I am part  (the Alberto Ginastera symphonic orchestra) and I can tell you it is really fun! It helps a lot to actually listen to your playing -sometimes it is kinda difficult on regular rehearsals as there are a lot of instruments around you, and you are also able to appreciate what your partners are playing and have a global understanding of the music. Encouraging the use of the wide offer of technology we have today to make music together being apart is gong to make us feel a little less lonely perhaps, and much more happy.

The positive fact about these times we are living, is how music is getting us together. I think that, probably, the most famous example (yet not the only one) is what happened in Italy, when several musicians started playing from the balconies and people started joining, everyone from their homes.   

To give this short but meaningful post a closure, I’d like to ask you to take a moment and think what would be of all of us without artists right now. Let’s pass this sad moment for humanity enjoying of the many forms of art at our disposition, spread a message of hope and take care of one another.


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