Some cheerful music recommendations to keep your spirits up!

What a bizarre world we live in right now...

Some cheerful music recommendations to keep your spirits up!

Well, isn’t the world a bizarre place right now? I’ve been self isolating for the past two days and I’m one of millions doing the same around the world. It’s a tough time where we have to prioritise physical over mental health, and it’s certainly a tricky one to balance the two when it’s completely inadvisable to leave your house. But we still have music!! Here are some of the bands I’ve been listening to to keep my spirits up… Let me know if you have any additions in the comments below!

She Plays Bass by beabadoobe

I LOVE beabadoobee. Everything about her is adorable and she’s so talented! This song is sweet, calming but still packs a punch towards the end. It reminds me of sunshine and jamming in the garden. Exactly what we need right now!

Error 404 by L’Imperatrice

Talk about a groove! This French band really started to turn heads with their underground hits such as ‘Sonate Pacifique’ but it’s this song in particular where all the good times lie. Taken from their debut album, the band recorded this song in a fun and funky live session which you can watch below (from the comfort of your own home)...

Somebody Else’s Guy by Jocelyn Brown

Sometimes the old days just got it RIGHT. This song gives me all the uplifting disco/soul vibes I could ever ask for - and WHAT A VOICE. Jocelyn Brown is an inspiration and this song is all I ever want to blast in quarantine right now!

Eleanore by The Turtles

Where would we be without cheesy 60s rock ‘n’ roll? This is one of the happiest songs ever written and will definitely lift your spirits during these trying times. I love this song, I love this band and it reminds me of a simpler time…

i by Kendrick Lamar

SELF LOVE is the name of the game people! When you’re stuck at home, isolated away from friends and family, remember that above all else, you gotta be sending some love to the beautiful person in the mirror! This song is a celebration of that and so much more, so stick it on and have your own bedroom dance party.

Stay safe and keep well during these crazy times, people. This too shall pass and we will go out into the sunshine and dance together in the summer when this has all blown over. Hang on in there until then.

Peace out,

Allegra xo

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