Ones To Watch In 2020: Rachael Sage

Rachael Sage is setting her sights on 2020. 

Ones To Watch In 2020: Rachael Sage

As yet another year in the music calendar commences, many up and coming and established artists are looking to release new music. For New York based artist Rachael Sage this is no exception, making her one to watch in 2020.

Firstly, Sage’s new single ‘Both Hands’, the second single from her upcoming album ‘Character’, is another artistic mirror that continues to reflect her relationship with gratitude.

Secondly, Rachael’s announcement of forthcoming album ‘Character’, set to drop in Spring 2020 is set to feature lyrical themes of identity, compassion and authenticity too.

Its seems 2020 is shaping up nicely for Rachael Sage.


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