My Recommendations from The Ordinary

Now, here at Voice I tend to stick to writing about music and travel, however... this week I thought I would try something different! 

My Recommendations from The Ordinary

I am extremely interested in skincare, and ever since I heard about the brand The Ordinary, I knew I wanted to give it a go. Well it's safe to say I love it! Below I have listed my favourite products that I have found there - let me know if there are any others you love!

1) The Ordinary Caffeine Solution (5%)

This light, fresh serum packs a heavy punch of caffeine and ECGC (a property found in green tea), and is used to relieve dull and tired eyes. I have been so busy recently (did someone say working on new music....?) and I haven't been able to prioritise getting my full eight hours.... and so I have been using this serum religiously. I apply it in the morning and I think its caffeine boost and anti-inflammatory ingredients have been helping to reduce my dark circles and relieve my tired puffy eyes - and so until I free up some time in my schedule for sleep, I will be keeping this close by!

2) Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution

Although the product title sounds a little scary... I promise that its bark is worse than its bite!! This solution is a toner that gently exfoliates to give your skin a more radiant and glowing finish. Featuring the Tasmanian Pepperberry, this tones down the acidic elements of the liquid, and the aloe smooths the skin to gently re-texturise.

3) Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA

Although a simple choice, I am a complete convert to The Ordinary's moisturiser. A light, non-greasy formula, this product gives your skin a much needed hydration boost without feeling heavy and clogging your pores in the process. Featuring a collection of amino acids and hyaluronic acid, this product will keep your skin hydrated whilst simultaneously protecting and repairing it. What more could you want? (also, did I mention it costs less than a fiver?!).

With it's range of products and extremely helpful and informative in-store staff, The Ordinary have provided me with a professional experience at a drug store price. They have an incredible range of products, and offer solutions to help with a variety of skin 'problems'. Head to one of their stores to see all that this fresh, new brand have to offer.

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