Music and Me - a love letter

Me and music go back a long, long way. But recently...let's just say things are a bit complicated. Here's what happened:

Music and Me - a love letter

Dear Music,

We have come a long way as a couple – ever since the day we met, you've really enchanted me with the sounds of your voice, your passion in life, and you make the whole world spin regardless of what happens. Ok, you've had a few setbacks in your years, but you are a power source to the hearts and souls of everybody you come across.

There's something I'd like to admit – I have been seeing Photography more recently; in fact, we had an affair. I'm so, so sorry, but photography has this unique beauty about him that enraptures me all the time. I guess you could say that he has more of a face than you? But this incident doesn't change the way I feel about you! You're so powerful, raw, edgy, and understanding, and I will always love you!

I have my hopes – maybe we could reach some compromise? I would still be with you, but I would also still be with Photography too…perhaps Photography could help to visualise you in a way that you've never really been able to achieve on your own? I've seen in the past that you and Photography have really hit it off…how else would the world be able to understand your true vision, without your alliance with Photography?

I really think that all three of us would make not just a unit, but a family! Who cares what people think? We all deserve happiness in our lives! Don't let this become frozen - let it go...

Yours forever and truly,



Dear Lucas,

I can't believe someone like you would go behind my back and perform this outrageous act with someone who encourages such introverted behaviour! Do you really know who you're courting with? Is he really that beautiful, no matter what they say? You said it yourself: beauty comes from within, photography feeds off the world around him, he's nothing on his own!

Besides – why would you go with photography in the first place? He's incredibly anti-social, especially with his stubborn one-eyed view of the world. I have always encouraged you to go out dancing with your friends. In fact, I've helped you to engage with your friends in a way you never could without me. I've loosened you up! But photography? Your standards really are slipping! I bet he's a control freak – believe me; he will always have his way of seeing things. Does he let you go out? Does he see you as his "one and only" (literally)?

They say the camera never lies…darling, have you seen what he's been doing with photoshop? I've always tried to make the world easier for you to see and understand, but photography; he only wants you to see it his way.

I would say make your choice between me and him, but I can see you've already made yours. Regardless, I've already made mine. You can flaunt your relationship with Photography or whoever else until you drop dead. I, however, will be making my own version of events. He's not the only one who is rather versatile for his age.

You don't really know me well, even after all these years! You see, unlike your so-called "lover", I know how to R.E.S.P.E.C.T, because that's how much people mean to me; in fact the whole world loves me! I go wherever I please with people by my side. I guess you could say I am the life source of this planet! I HAVE PEOPLE UNDER MY CONTROL. I CAN MAKE THEM DANCE!

I will do my own thing, whether you like it or not, make my own money, get rich, have more kids named Miley Cyrus, and repeat! You are just an inconvenience; I knew I should've ended it with you years ago, you absolute swine!



P.S: I have put all stuff in boxes to the left to the left. Happy Birthday.


Luke Taylor

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I work as the Network Administrator for Voice. Having completed my apprenticeship at Unit Twenty Three, I continue my work supporting Voice and the Youth Network in whatever way possible. Music is my passion, and I will happily talk about all the bands you've probably never heard of!

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